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What Is QIP? What Is QIB?

Definition: QIP or Qualified Institutional Placement is largely a fund raising tool for the listed companies. Description: QIP is a process which was introduced by SEBI so as to enable the listed companies to raise finance through the issue of securities to qualified institutional buyers (QIBs). Earlier, since raising finance in the […]

Business Lession-1

“Business develop the people and people will develop business” Do you know business is nothing but falling in love with your people. You have to focus on your people, their […]

What is Passive Income ?

“Passive Income” attracts everyone’s mind, and at this present condition of pandemic and hectic life before and after that where we are not having time for ourselves it is good to have a passive income source. There are so many passive income sources like : Stock/Share Market, Mutual fun investment, Rental income, Network Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Stock Photography etc.

What is Passive Income ?
So let’s have look on “What is Passive Income?” Passive income sources includes those sources of income where your physical presence doesn’t matter or matter a very few after a certain time and effort. Remember effortless income is only imaginary thing like daydreaming.
1. Make Your Money Work For You:
2. Stock Market/ Share Market Investment or Trading :
3. Mutual Fund Investment :
4. Get a High Yield Saving Account:
5. Rent out a room or complex:
6. Peer to Peer Lending:
7. Affiliate Marketing:
8. Create and Sell Online Courses:
9. Stock Photography:
10.Blogging :