more ways to Monetize more your website

1. Sell ad space

Instead of acting through third parties, you directly sell advertising space to media buyers. Therefore, 100% of the advertising budget will go directly to you. No more bothering about traffic, visits or conversions. However, it may require in-person meetings and negotiations that will, however, pay dividends in the long run.


  • Good-looking design
  • High traffic volumes
  • In-person meetings, directly contacting advertisers

Budget: $25 to $50 (Budget to keep the website up and running )
Estimated time for profitability: revenues can appear immediately, as advertisers sign the agreement.  Also, it depends on how much traffic and following the website has.
Growth and marketing methods: building a niche website, writing about interests shared with many people or about some hobbies, so the monthly traffic volumes are high
Must have skills:

  • Blogging talent
  • Social media
  • Negotiation skills
  • Analytical skills

2. Ask for donations and contributions

To make it really work for your website/blog, you should consider not mingling donations with other monetization methods. People are more inclined to push the donate button if they don’t perceive you’re already making big money from your website/blog.
You should also speak about the cause you sustain, for readers to get convinced it’s worth donating.

Famous websites monetized with donations:


Estimated income:

  • Up to $3000
  • Most commonly $1500


  • Good-looking design
  • Transparency in dealing with gained donations

Budget: Budget to keep the website up and running
Estimated time for profitability: 6 to12 months from starting the program; it’s recommended that you shouldn’t start the donation program immediately, rather start it after you have gained at least 10k visitors / month.
Growth and marketing methods: public relations, establishing connections and getting in touch with PR professionals, encouraging word-of-mouth and social media buzz.
Must have skills:

  • Professional-looking website
  • A supporting money source for keeping the website running
  • Community moderator
  • Social media
  • Crowdfunding.

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