Monetizing the website or blog: AdSense.

There are plenty of methods to monetize your website. They are all opportunities for you to earn money and either make a living or get an additional income from your website. Keep reading, to see how you can effectively do this.

Make money with Ad Networks: Google AdSense, AdThrive, MediaVine

This method works when you have high-quality, optimized content on the pages of your website. It needs careful inclusion of keywords into the written text, so Google might determine what ads to serve to your site. Matching the topic of your articles with the ad target is very important. Otherwise, they won’t click on the ads, and no profit will follow.

Famous websites monetized with AdSense:

  • Pete Cashmore – founder of
  • Shawn Hogan – founder of

The average profitable AdSense-monetized website:


Estimated income:

  • The income can go up to about $3000/month.
  • The average profitable websites can earn about $1000 in a few months


  • Optimized website
  • Subscription to a Google AdSense account

Budget: $30 to $50 (Budget needed to keep the website up and running )
Estimated time for profitability: three months to six months
Growth and marketing methods: SEO / Content writing / publish articles frequently
Must have skills:

  • SEO skills
  • PPC skills
  • Story teller
  • Publishing information-rich articles

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