Most Important Computer Related Full Forms (कम्प्युटर संबन्धित महत्वपूर्ण फुल फॉर्म)

  1. Most Commonly Used Full Forms
  2. Computer Hardware Parts Related Full Form
  3. Networking Related Full Forms
  4. Internet Related Full Forms
  5. Engineering And Technology Related Full Forms
  6. Important Softwares Name And Full Forms
  7. Domain Name With Full Forms/Meaning
  8. File Extensions And Full Forms/Meaning
  9. Top Brand Name And Full Forms

1. Most Commonly Used Full Forms

Short FormFull Form
Computer Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used in Technical and Educational Research
ALGOLAlgorithmic Language
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
BASICBeginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
C-DACCentre for Development of Advanced Computing
CDCompact Disc
CD-ROMCompact Disc Read Only Memory
CPUCentral Processing Unit
COMALCommon Algorithmic Language
DVDDigital Versatile Disc/Digital Video Disc
DOSDisk Operating system
E-MailElectronic Mail
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
FAXFar Away Xerox
HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
INTERNETInterconnected Network
JAVAJAVA का कोई फुल फॉर्म नहीं होता है।
LINUXLINUX का कोई फुल फॉर्म नहीं होता है।
LANLocal Area Network
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LDULiquid Display Unit
PROMProgrammable Read Only Memory
RAMRandom Access Memory
ROMRead Only Memory
SNOBOLString Oriented Symbolic Language
WANWide Area Network
WWWWorld Wide Web
OMROptical Mark Reader
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
NTSCNational television standards committee
BSNLBharat Snchar Nigm Limited
MTNLMahanagar Telephone Nigam limited
CADComputer Aided Design
BCRBar code Reader
DBMSData Base Management system
DTPDesk Top publishing
EBDICExended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ASCIIAmericna Standard Code For Information Interchange
JPEGJoint Photographic Expert Group
PDFPortable Document Format
VGAVideo Graphics Array
SSISmall Scale Integration
MSIMedium Scale Integration
LSILarge Scale Integration
VLSIVery Large Scale Integration
VVLSIVery Very Large Scale Integration
ULSIUltra Large Scale Integration
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode/Automatic Teller Machine
ARPNETAdvanced Research Project Agency Network
EFTElectronic fund Transfer

2. Computer Hardware Parts Related Full Form

Short FormFull Form
RAMRandom Access Memory
ATAAdvanced Technology Attachment
HDMiHigh Definition Media Interface
CDCompact Disc
CD-ROMCompact Disc-Read-Only Memory
CD-RWCompact Disc-Rewritable
ComputerCommonly Operated Machine Particularly Used In Technical And Educational Research
CPUCentral Processing Unit
DVDDigital Versatile Disc
DVD-ROMDigital Video Disc-Random Access Memory
DVD-ROMDigital Video Disc-Read Only Memory
DVD-RDigital Video Disc-Recordable
DVD-RWDigital Video Disc-Rewritable
DDRDouble Data-Rate
DDR RAMDouble Data-Rate Random Access Memory
FDDFloppy Disk Drive
HDDHard Disk Drive
ATXAdvanced Technology Extended
IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LEDLight Emitting Diode
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices
ROMRead-Only Memory
HDDHard Disk Drive
VGA Video Graphics Array
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
SSDSolid State Disk
SMPSSwitch Mode Power Supply
USBUniversal Serial Bus
FDDFloppy Disk Drive
VRAMVideo Random Access Memory

3. Networking Related Full Form

Short FormFull Form
2GSecond generation of mobile phone standards and
3GThird generation of mobile phone standards and technology
4G4th generation of mobile phone standards and
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio System
GSMGlobal System For Mobile Communications
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
LANLocal Area Network
IPInternet Protocol
IPCONFIGInternet Protocol Configuration
MACMedia Access Control
MANMetropolitan Area Network
POPPost Office Protocol
POP3Post Office Protocol 3
PPPPoint-To-Point Protocol
PPTPPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
NetBIOSNetworked Basic Input Output System
NetBEUINetworked Basic Input/Output System Extended User Interface
SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol
VPNVirtual Private Network
WANWide Area Network
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WIFIWireless Fidelity
WLANWireless Local Area Network

4. Internet Related Full Form

Short FormFull Form
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Over Secure Sockets Layer
PHPHypertext Preprocessor
XMLExtensible Markup Language
CSSCascading Style Sheets
SASSSyntactically Awesome Style Sheets
AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript And XML
PERLPractical Extraction and Reporting Language
UIUser Interface
UXUser Experience
ASPActive Server Pages
SQLStructured Query Language
WWWWorld Wide Web

5. Engineering And Technology Related Full Forms

Short FormFull Form
APIApplication Programming Interfaces
BIOSBasic Input/Output System
CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DNSDomain Name Service Or Domain Name Server
DPIDots Per Inch
DVIDigital Visual Interface
FATFile Allocation Table
FAT1212-Bit File Allocation Table
FAT1616-Bit File Allocation Table
FAT3232-Bit File Allocation Table
FPSFrame Per Second
EMIElectromagnetic Interference
GBpsGigabytes per second or Gigabits per second
GUIGraphical User Interface
I/OInput & Output
MbpsMega Bytes Per second
KBpsKilo Bytes Per Second
4 Bits1 Nibble
8 Bits1 Byte
1024 Bytes1 Kilo Byte ( KB )
1024 KB1 Mega Byte ( MB )
1024 MB1 Gyga Byte ( GB )
1024 GB1 Tera Byte ( TB )
1024 TB1 Peta Byte ( PB )
1024 PB1 Exa Byte ( EB )
1024 EB1 Zetta Byte ( ZB )
1024 ZB1 Yotta Byte ( YB )
MP3Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio
MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
MSCONFIGMicrosoft Configuration
NTFSNew Technology File System
NTLDRNew Technology Loader
OMROptical Mark Recognition
RGBRed Green Blue
PCPersonal Computer
OSOperating System
VDUVisible Display Unit
XGAExtended Graphics Array
ZIPZigzag Inline Package

6. Important Softwares Name and Full Form

Short FormFull Form
AuAdobe Audition
CoEdge Code
MuAdobe Muse
BcBusiness Catalyst
InEdge Inspect
FbFlash Builder
PrPremiere Pro
CCCreative Cloud
RfEdge Reflow
FlFlash Professional
ScAdobe Scout
WfEdge Web Fonts
AeAfter Effects
BdPhoneGap Build
StStory Plus

7. Domain Name With Full Forms/Meaning

Abbreviation (Extensions)Full Forms
.comCommercial Internet Sites
.netInternet Administrative Site
.orgOrganization Site
.eduEducation Sites
.firmBusiness Site
.govGovernment Site
.intInternational Institutions
.milMilitary Site
.mobiMobile Phone Site
.intInternational Organizations
.ioIndian Ocean (British Indian Ocean Territory)
.milU.S. Military
.storeA Retail Business
.webInternet Site that is about the World Wide Web
.aeArab Emirates
.saSaudi Arabia
.usUnited States
.ukUnited Kingdom
.nzNew Zealand

8. File Extensions And Full Forms/Meaning

Short FormFull Form
.docxDocument (without Macros)
.docmDocument (with Macros)
.pptPowerPoint Presentation
.csvComma Separated Values
.pdfPortable Document Format
.gifGraphics Interchange Format
.xdAdobe XD Document
.mpegMoving Picture Experts Group
.wmvWindows Media Video
.flvFlash Video
.aviAudio Video Interleave
.mp4MPEG Layer 4
.psdPhotoshop Document
.aiIllustrator Document
.cdrCorel Draw Document
.sketchSketch Document
.asfAdvanced Systems Format
.rarIt is an archive file format that supports data compression
.divXDigital Video Express (DivX-encoded Movie)
.mp3MPEG Audio Layer 3
.aiffAudio Interchange File Format
.bmpWindows Bitmap
.dartDart Language File
.goGo Language file
.rR Language file
.m3uMoving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator. This file format is like an extension for Mp3 as it is used in it.
.wavWaveform PCM Audio
.wmaWindows Media Audio
.bwfBroadcast Wave Format
.datDigital Audio Tape
.vueVue.js (Document)
.pyPython Document (File)
.tsTypeScript (Document)
.jsJavascript (Document)
.subSubtitle File
.meReadme Text File
.fdrFinal Draft Document
.batMicrosoft’s Batch Processing

9. Top Brand Names And Full Forms

Short FormFull Form
GOOGLEGoogle is not an abbreviation.
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
INTELIntegrated Electronics
LGLife’s Good
IBMInternational Business Machines Corporation
IBMInternational Business Machines
AUDIAuto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt
BMWBaverian Motor Works
AMWAsian Motor Works
CNNCable News Network
IBNIndian Broadcasting Network
WIPRO-Western Indian Products
MRFMadras Rubber Factory
TVST.V Sundaram(Co-Founder)
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
AMULAnand Milk Union Limited
ICICIIndustrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
ESPNEntertainment and Sport Programming Network
KFCKentucky Fried Chicken
TEDTechnology, Entertainment and Design
IMDbThe Internet Movie Database
ISDInternational Subscriber Dialing
AdidasAdolf ‘ Adi’ Dassler
DELLDigitle Electronic Link Library
ACERAcquisition Collaboration experimentation Reflection
ONGCOil & Natural Gas Corporation
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