What Is Blog Explained With 10 Most Successful Blog’s Examples

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The word “Blog” is a stranger word for so many students and other peoples who are not with technical educational background. The well-known word “Website” is familiar to all but again so many peoples are confused between these two also. So let’s kill this confusion from the mind.

In this guiding article we will explain:

  1. What is Blog?
  2. Why Blog?
  3. What are the differences between Blog and Website.
  4. What are the Types of Blog?
  5. 10 most successful blog examples.

What Is Blog?

Blog is a Digital and Online platform to share information in any form of data like texts, photos, videos, animations etc. or combinations of them.

Blog is a website where a person writes regularly about topics that interest them, usually with links to other websites they find interesting.

The process of creating and running a blog is known as Blogging and the person who do this is known as Blogger.

The contents of a blog is often referred as Entries or Blog Posts. In a blog the contents are arranged in a Reverse Chronological Order which means Newer content appear first.

How A Blog Looks Like?

The contents of a blog is often referred as Entries or Blog Posts. In a blog the contents are arranged in a Reverse Chronological Order which means Newer content appear first.

Blog History

Everything in this world has it’s own History and Future. So we must know about the history of blogging. Blogs also followed the principle of Evolution and evolved in mid-90s from Online Diaries and Journals.

At that time there were a few internet users running personal web-pages for publishing regular updates about their personal thoughts, lives and social comments.

Naming order : (In 0s)Web-log—> Weblog—>We blog—>Blog(Now)

Due to growing demand, technology and education the number of such web pages started to increase rapidly and to fulfill these demand so many tools started to appear which made it easier and more user friendly. The advancement in Technology made blogging accessible to the Non-Technical Users also.

Blogger.com started in 1990 and acquired by Google in February 2003

same year WordPress.com started in May 2003 and became the most popular among the bloggers. At present WordPress is the Most Popular Blogging Platform with 30% of all websites on the internet.

Why Blog?

Are you thinking why to start a blog? or what are the advantages to choose a blog for sharing your thoughts etc. if you can share it on the other social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, whatsapp etc.?

yes! that’s a good question. And there are so many reasons :

  1. First and most important is your Interest.
  2. Monetization: You can share only on other platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc but a blog can be good source of income also.
  3. In a blog you can modify the things as you want but not in facebook etc….
  4. Online Identity : you can get an online identity.
  5. You can share you passion.
  6. You Can Learn more.
  7. You can Educate others.
  8. You will connect with new people
  9. You are your own boss here and hence The flexibility of working hours is also reason.
  10. You can enjoy blogging anywhere with internet connectivity.

What Are The Differences Between Blog And Website?

All the blogs are website but all the websites are not blog . Yes! Blog is a type of website where the contents are regularly and frequently updated.

Websites are more static and less frequently updated. Blogs can be a part of website. Nowadays most of the websites are updating with a blog option.

Websites are often made to create an informational web presence for a business, organization, or individual.

Which Is Better : A Blog or A Website ?

The best answer of this question is “Purpose”. What your goals are? decides the one out of two.

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Blog?

  1. Personal Blogs: Personal blogs belong to individual writers who share their experiences, adventures, and daily life with their audience. The purpose of personal blogging can be anything like making a difference through positive stories(Motivational Blogs) or influencing readers with their own views. Example: Addicted To Success.
  2. Business Blogs: Professional Blogs of Industries, Corporate agencies, and others. They use the blog to communicate, reach and get feedback from their customer. Example: Business Connect
  3. News Blogs: Blogs for news telecasting and news posts. Example: TOI
  4. Educational Blog: Blogs for educational posts. The Topic may differ as per the course/subjects. Also known as edublog in short. Blogs offer huge instructional potential as an online resource. Example: Learn and Grow
  5. Finance Blog: These are the blogs for financial solutions and suggestions we need to grow more financially. This gives finance blogs a wide audience ranging from serious investors to families trying to save for a better future. Example- World Bank Blog
  6. Fashion Blog: One of the most popular types of blogs in the internet world. The changing fashion style with the modern world creates a huge audience for these blogs. Fashion bloggers get invited to major events, receive special perks, merchandise, and even business deals by top fashion brands.
  7. Healthcare Blog: As we all know Health is The Real Wealth. These types of blogs need some deep knowledge about our physical healthcare. There is high traffic on these blogs also to get proper tips on home remedies for better health. Example: HHS
  8. Fitness Blog: Fitness is desired by everyone and it is equally important for a healthy life too. Fitness is becoming a part of fashion. Due to hectic working life, there is a huge crowd on the internet searching for fitness tips. A fitness blog is an online tool that lets you share your best advice, information, and expertise, and other people. Fitness blog ideas include ‘how-to’ instructional posts, fitness club news, interesting training techniques, and nutrition tips, and more. Example – Myfitnesspal
  9. Lifestyle Blog: Lifestyle blogs are the most popular type of blogs you can find online. They have a variety of readers, interested in topics ranging from culture, arts, local news, and politics. This gives the blogger a wide range of topics to cover, making it easier to plan their content strategy. Example-Urban Diaries
  10. Entertainment Blog: Most important and with huge demanding traffic is there in this category. This traffic includes the peoples of all the ages. This includes Movie blog, Music blog, Funny Video Blogs, Animations, etc. Example : HollywoodLife
  11. Food and Drink Blog: Everyone loves to eat yummily and taste food and for that, they browse the internet. These blogs attract a large group of readers who are interested in recipes, ingredients, healthy eating, fine dining, and other food-related stories. Example- Skinny Taste
  12. Sports Blog: Another Physical and Mental Entertainment Blog. These blogs are, especially for sports-loving persons. It contains sports news, events, live telecasting links, repeat telecasting links, and more about sports. Example : YahooSports
  13. Parenting Blog: These parenting blogs offer thought-provoking articles and useful hands-on tips. As a bonus, many are also based on research, which we always appreciate. Example- The Thoughtful Parent
  14. Travel Blog: A travel blog is simply a blog where the entire focus is on the world of travel. Here you can find so many places to visit and pre-travel knowledge about them. you can find the availability of different facilities before going there physically. Also, they provide booking options for hotels restaurants, flights, trains, or any other type of booking. Example : Travel Blog
  15. Photography Blog: This is a very very large area of blogging, every blog, website, magazine, videos, books, newspapers, banners, and other so many activities need pictures for presentations and for this they search on the internet. There are so many websites and blogs doing this. Example : Shutterstock

10 Most Successful Blogs And Bloggers

1. Huffington Post :

The site was launched way back in 2005 by Huffington, providing a very liberal view on life and politics. In 2011, Huffington, who is of Greek descent, sold the blog by her namesake to AOL for $315 million, while being kept on as Editor in Chief. She has since stepped down from that role.

HuffPost or HuffPo, as it is now referred to, makes it money from sponsored advertising revenue through banners and other digital ads across its variety of channels. It is by far the most successful blog of its kind, likely valued today at well over $1 billion, making it a clever investment for AOL.

2. Engadget :

This blog conveys advice and reviews on technology and consumer electronics.

This is founded, originally, by Peter Rojas of Gizmodo around the same time the other site was started.

3. Moz :

formerly known as SEOMoz is generating an impressive amount of income and has been funded with several injections of venture capital. The site makes its money from a membership area that features professional tools and services for the avid search engine marketer looking to gain saturation, reach and visibility in the online space.

4. TechCrunch :

TechCrunch is a massively successful blog that primarily covers news in the technology industry. Originally founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare.

5. EnvatoTuts :

This is an educational blog which covers Coding, programming, Web designing, Photos and Illustrations, E-Book, etc.

6. NeilPatel :

This blog is all about blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing and more. NeilPatel was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

7.  Ironwulf :

One of the Most Famous Blog in Asia. Meet Fredz Decena from Ironwulf. He is one of the most successful Philippines travel bloggers. He has been traveling and blogging since 2003. 

8. Emily Quak :

Emily Shines Among Famous Asian Makeup Bloggers in Asia. Emily Quak is a truly passionate blogger and YouTuber.

9. Hindime:

This is a very famous Hindi blog. This blog covers so many topics in Hindi Language.

10. Top 10 Indian Bloggers

BloggerBlogAprox. Earnings/month
Amit Agrawallabnol.org$60,000
Harsh Agrawalshoutmeloud.com$52,434
Faisal Farooquimouthshut.com$50,000
Shradha Sharmayourstory.com$30,000
Varun KrishnanFoneArena.com$22,000
Srinivas Tamada9lessons.info$20,000
Ashish Sinhanextbigwhat.com$18,000
Arun Prabhudesaitrak.in$15,000
Jaspal Singhsavedelete.com$8,000
Amit Bhawaniamitbhawani.com$14,115

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