5 Tips for Full Time career in Photography

How To Monetize Your Art?

Are you eager to make a full-time career out of your artistic work like photography ? For most people, photography is a fun, creative pursuit : a hobby. A thing they love to do and always find time for. yes ! you can monetize your hobbies there are so many ways to monetize the artwork. So let’s look some of those ways :

1. Write an Effective Pitch

Writing an effective pitch

Pitching is basically getting in touch with a company directly to show your work and talk about potential opportunities. This is the better way of creating your own opportunities, you don’t have to wait for an opportunity. In fact, it’s safe to say I’m making my own opportunities. Because, you never know when a company is looking for a photographer. And, maybe they’re not, but after seeing your work, they may consider it.

Now, have a look on what are the essential elements of a good pitch :

  1. An introduction: Introduce your story idea and define your angle.
  2. Why you want to work with this brand.
  3. What you can offer
  4. Why they should choose you: This part is vital because many photographers do the same thing. You have to make it clear why your skills match this brand or company. Explain why your idea is timely, unique, important, and/or of interest to that particular outlet’s readers.
  5. Estimate a deadline for your piece.
  6. Include your phone number and email address.
  7. Attach clips and/or writing samples to demonstrate your experience (if relevant)

2. Getting Published in Print and Online Magazines

Another way of monetizing is getting published in both print and online magazines. You can find these opportunities on many Facebook groups where editors and photographers share these opportunities. For beginners, discussions about money can be uncomfortable or awkward. So getting a direct deal with them through Facebook or Twitter is a super transparent way for payment.

Even if you don’t think a magazine is looking for a photographer or for particular photos that you have, it’s not a bad idea to get in touch with them.

3. Build a Freelance Photography Business

Freelancing Photography

What is freelance photography?

In simple words, a freelance photographer is someone who takes on clients, clicks photographs as per the requirement, and charges them for it. Working as a freelance photographer you market yourself through social media, digital portfolios, or websites by displaying your work to find potential clients. This is perfect for photographers still finding their own niche. You can spend the next six months as a wedding photographer and, if you realize it’s not your thing, you can always move on to the next niche.

4. Sell Through Stock Photography Sites

There are so many stock photography websites where you can easily upload and sell your photographs. List of stock photography website:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Picxy
  3. Adobe Stock
  4. Alamy
  5. Pexels
  6. Unsplash
  7. etc…………

5. Printing Your Photographs on Merch: Merch printing

Merch Printing

Print your photographs on merch items like T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags etc. and sell them online and offline.

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