How To Earn During The Pandemic?

The economy right now has probably impacted your finances badly. The past few months have been devastating and it can sustain for the next few months, which will not be good for our health as well as for wealth. So first of all remember “HEALTH IS WEALTH” and be safe while doing anything. Follow all the precautions to prevent yourself as well as people around you from the dangerous virus “COVID-19”. Remember “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

As a consequence, you may be scrambling to find new sources of income.

There are lots of ways for you to earn money even with the ongoing pandemic. This might also be the perfect time to discover what you truly love doing or even learn new skills that you didn’t know what you can do before.

Fortunately, the Internet exists to help you! With just a click, you can easily search for all the opportunities you can earn money and become financially stable. Choose what you are most passionate about to ensure that you won’t feel burnt out when hustling for that paycheck. With the right opportunities, you will not only gain income but enjoy what you do as well.

There are plenty of ways to make money during this current pandemic:-

1. Start Saving more and expend wisely:

Stop Saving After Spending and Start Spending After Saving.

2. Start businesses based on the current climate.

meet new customer demands. Examples would be breweries and distilleries selling hand sanitizers or clothing manufacturers producing masks.

Unfortunately, the ship might have sailed on some of these new business ventures. Case in point: There are many distilleries now stuck with an inventory of unsold sanitizer. And, the mask market has become fiercely competitive.

However, there are still in-demand businesses that you could launch. These include:

  • Cleaning services. During the lockdown, this might not have been a viable option. However, as more places are reopening, janitorial services are highly in demand.
  • E-learning. Traditional educational institutions have gone viral. In fact, even if it doesn’t stick, it’s anticipated that in India alone there will be 10 million additional enrollment by 2021. Additionally, the pandemic has also reignited interest in massive open online courses (MOOCs) and webinars.
  • Entertainment. Even prior to the pandemic, immersive games, VR, and dating apps were trending upward. So, if you have an entertaining app idea, there’s still room for you to enter this market.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical devices. The coronavirus definitely put a spotlight on this industry. But, because of an aging opportunity, there are still opportunities for you to start a medical supply or care business.
  • Virtual healthcare. Speaking of health, 2020 has put virtual healthcare front and center. In fact, it’s expected to reach $3.44 billion by 2027.
  • Logistics. The outbreak has without question disrupted the supply chain. As such, there might be an opportunity for you to help solve this problem.
  • Contactless technology. Innovations like automatic sanitizers to voice-activated have technologies have become increasingly popular in order to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Electronic transfers. Contactless payments like digital wallets. Besides the flexibility and convenience, they don’t contain germs like notes and coins.

3. Find a part-time job:

Is this the most glamorous way to make money? Not exactly. However, if you need to make some extra money it’s definitely worth considering.

Whether it’s with a local grocery store or a national chain, these stores still need people to restock the shelves. You may even run a register or deliver items to customers. Regardless of what your exact responsibilities will be, part-time jobs are flexible and a guaranteed way to make money within the next couple of weeks.

Remote jobs are becoming more common. A part-time job may help you make ends meet while you search for a permanent gig.

In fact, part-time work is a “real option to bring in income fairly quickly” because the hiring process tends to be quicker than that of full-time jobs”.

4. Childcare Services:

Parents are in a quagmire right now. They have to go to work, but their children may still be home. That’s where you can come in and save the day by providing childcare services.

5. Share your skills online :

Are you an in-demand expert? I’m talking about accountants, lawyers, mechanics, or even antique appraisers. If so, you can potentially earn up to thousands over at JustAnswer.

But, don’t fret if you don’t fall into that category. There is still a wide range of remote freelance gigs available. Examples include customer service agents, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, graphic designers, or IT support. In most cases, you can make a better amount of money per hour depending on the location and area.

6. Striking out on your own :

You can also just try to make money on your own — and you don’t have to necessarily think about it as starting a business.

“Maybe what they are really just talking about is a bridge to get to the other side,” O’Neill said. “Everybody keeps talking about a light at the end of the tunnel.

“No one is saying how long the tunnel is.”

Once you identify what skill or hobby you want to use, think about how you can make money. That means researching what other people are charging, whether it is per item or by the hour. For example, how much are bakeries charging for a batch of cookies or what are landscapers charging for lawn work?   

Create a plan on how to reach your customers. Perhaps start out small with family or friends, and take advantage of social media. Engage with your followers and show samples of your work.

7. Get Paid for Opinions :

Your opinions matter—you can even earn money from them. There is always a high demand for public opinion data, and you can easily submit your views online. Some companies and websites pay you fees so that you answer their online surveys, reviews, quizzes, and more. It might not be the highest paying gig out there, but it’s still a nice source of extra income if you have the spare time to kill. It doesn’t take long for you to complete the surveys, and you can easily access them through your phone. This way, you can earn some dollars/rupees whenever you have downtime from your primary job.

8. Sell Unused Stuff Online :

Another way to get income is by selling your stuff online. If you have anything in your house that you do not use anymore, you can get money out of it! There are two major benefits you can get from doing this. You can make extra money and declutter your home at the same time. Some of the things you can consider selling are:

  • clothes
  • furniture
  • old decorative pieces
  • accessories
  • home appliances
  • books
  • DVDs and CDs
  • shoes
  • phones and computers

9. Teach Online :

If you’re confident about your teaching skills, you can consider tutoring kids and students online. You can make use of any previous tutoring experiences without going outside your home. It’s also a great way to earn money if you’re an education major and you just graduated.

With the pandemic, other students prefer to study online rather than attend face-to-face classes. You can apply as a teacher to online teaching platforms and accommodate these students.

10. Invest wisely :

You may be hesitant to even consider this. I mean the stock market has been volatile. But, you can still safely invest: Bonds, as an example, provide you with a cushion against stocks. They can also deliver an additional income stream. The same is true with CDs and mutual funds. Currently, it’s advised that you avoid long-term bonds to reduce the risk of losing money due to inflation.

You can also still invest in stocks as well. In particular, conservative stocks that pay reliable dividends.

11. Sell your Crafts :

If you’re artistically inclined, you can try selling your artworks and crafts. Some of the ways you can earn money are by selling:

  • prints
  • art commissions,
  • sticker sheets
  • stationery supplies
  • handmade decorations
  • macrame art
  • traditional paintings
  • accessories
  • custom shoes or clothing art

You can accept custom art commissions online as many people appreciate digital art now. This way, you can easily send the final products through their emails and messages. Find the best market for your products, choose the right range of prices, and be open to feedback and improve your artwork even more. People also love buying handmade decorative pieces that feel more personal and give a unique feel to their homes.

If you’re into journaling and drawing, you can consider creating stickers, postcards, and prints for planners and journals. Many people love to use journals, so these kinds of products sell fairly well. Decide on what art style you prefer and stationery supplies you can sell on online platforms like Etsy.

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